Incentiwised is an AI-powered loyalty marketing suite for businesses across multiple domains such as Retail, Hospitality, Automotive, and Healthcare. It is a brainchild, a product of Hyperspace consulting. A corporation based in the UK, which is a leader of the tech-consulting business. A comprehensive cloud-based suite that pins gaps across Customer acquisition, retention, CLV, and Brand Loyalty that will stretch customer retention levels to a new high. Our Consultative approach and deployment of customized modules aim to render our clients a renewed sense of brand advocacy, higher purchase frequency, bigger average transaction size and an overall optimization in customer loyalty.
Incentiwised provides easy to use loyalty program, which is specifically built for your business, which in turn helps in bolstering your relationship with your customers and gives you an opportunity to collect key consumer data, unlike typical shared rewards programs which often promotes a fa├žade of loyalty to the program itself rather than you - the merchant. Equipped with some of the sharpest brains, and backed by a team of experienced tech geniuses we create robust mobile and web-based solutions that are unique, clever and functional.
After carefully considering your preference we design cards, or cardless loyalty program that complements your service or product. Our web-based loyalty program software provides universal access and is optimized for every device.
Our prime focus is to assist clients to identify the obstacles they face with loyalty programs and overcome their struggle by providing enhanced personalized solutions. At Incentiwised, the relationship with customers is nurtured by keeping a track of customer insights, cross-channel engagement, curating personalized campaigns and analyzing customer behavior. In this era of digital transformation, we back you with the latest technological advancements to ensure you are always at the top of your marketing game.