Over the last 50 years, many business processes have changed and became more cost efficient. However the Recruitment Industry did not follow that trend. That is, until now!

IncruitX is a disruptive, innovative search model that combines the best aspects of the old contingent and retained search methods. It is a highly customizable consultative approach for organizations who are looking for external help in their search for talent but realize that paying high fees, and drawn out search processes is no longer acceptable.

Our flat fee proactive search service is $10,000 regardless of Seniority, Specialization and Location. Combined with the IncruitX approach, you will actually get to experience the work done by one of our highly trained headhunters first hand, as they will be working from within your office!

Because of IncruitX, your HR / Recruitment Team can focus on your core business while our Incruit Xperts will help you save ENERGY, TIME AND MONEY by doing what they do best! Finding the talent you are looking for.