Independent Discovery provides legal and litigation support services that are innovating the practice of law. Our team of attorneys, paralegals and nurses provide an array of services that make law firms and insurance companies more efficient and flexible, while reducing costs.

Independent Discovery provides legal intellectual capital that improves litigation results while reducing cost structures. We understand how legal budgets, work flows, and resources are allocated. The legal landscape is changing rapidly, law firms and insurance companies must adapt to these changes or face competitive exclusion. Our business model is aligned with these changing demands.

Independent Discovery provides a medical record analysis and summation service to law firms and insurance companies.

Independent Discovery works with law firms and insurance companies of all sizes.  From sole practitioners to top level international firms, Independent Discovery delivers the highest quality of service and support to businesses that deal with medical records.  Our clients trust us to perform comprehensive and labor intensive legal processes that make firms more efficient.  All of our services are metric-driven, with quality assurance built into the process at every stage to ensure accountability, compliance with predictable and consistent outcomes.