Dolphin Manufacturing LLC one of the UAE’s Largest Radiator & Cooling Systems Manufacturing company selects Index InfoTech to upgrade the company’s Epicor enterprise application platform (ERP) to the latest Epicor 10.1 version. Upgrading to the Epicor 10 will help accelerate Dolphin Manufacturing’s  business growth and gain efficiency in overall business process.

Dolphin Manufacturing LLC’s General Manager Mr. Mohammad Jetpurwala said “After an extensive review of Epicor Partners in UAE Index InfoTech was the only provider that truly demonstrated a deep understanding of Manufacturing industry and went the extra mile to minimise risk and disruption during the upgrade”.

Commenting on this, Murtaza Ezzi, Chief Executive Officer at Index Infotech said “As a business we are strong in Epicor Functional and Technical Consulting and we will continue to aggressively build upon our position in niche markets both here in UAE and in the Asia-Pacific, to strengthen our position as a leading business solutions provider to SME segment”.

About Dolphin Manufacturing LLC
Dolphin Manufacturing L.L.C is accredited company with three Decades of experience, specializing in the design and manufacturing of extremely wide range of high performance industrial and automotive cooling system. A wide range of products to satisfy your requirements in the Heat Transfer / Cooling / Automotive / Mining/ Agriculture Industries. Dolphin has 30 years manufacturing experience on Copper / Brass & Aluminum Radiators and Cores.

Website - http://www.dolphinml.com

About Index InfoTech
Index InfoTech is a regional leader in providing enterprise-class solutions & services. In a short span, Index InfoTech has forged strategic alliances with a network of partners with a common goal of maximizing the value of clients IT investment. With vast experience in offering services from manufacturing to distribution and from retail to services industries, Index InfoTech delivers solutions to its prestigious clients and enables them to meet their strategic aspirations effectively.


Epicor Partner in UAE since 2011

Website - http://indexinfotech.com/