About Us

Indieonthemove.com's goal is to provide the most comprehensive and reliable music venue database on the web, by fostering a collaborative environment in which artists, fans, agents, labels, venues, and promoters post, rate, and review clubs from all across the U.S. for FREE.

While the site primarily functions as an open-source music venue database and tour booking resource, we strongly encourage users to create their own FREE online account to truly take advantage of the features and opportunities that our website offers.

Creating an Indie on the Move account provides members with the ability to:

       * Rate and review venues from an artist's and performer's perspective
       * Add venues to our ever-growing database
       * Receive notifications of show opportunities on a local, regional, and national level
       * Gig Swap with other IOTM members
       * Locate and contact other registered Indie on the Move members
       * Manage tour itineraries and show pursuits via an online day-planner


The creators of this site include original members of the rock band ZELAZOWA. From 2006-2008, ZELAZOWA performed over 500 shows throughout the United States and Europe without the aid of a booking agent, manager, record label, or any other industry “professional.” It is our mission to help our members do the same.