Inez Bracy, founder of Inez Bracy International is a Lifestyle Transitions Coach, speaker and author who helps boomer women rejuvenate, reinvent and redefine their life.  Having used the science and art of reinvention, rejuvenation and redefining herself many times, Inez started her coaching and speaking business in 2005 to help boomer women deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new life in their boomer years.

Inez Bracy International was founded on the principles of providing exceptional services on personal development and spiritual growth to boomer women around the world.

Inez Bracy International partners with Coaches, Trainers and Speakers around the globe providing cutting-edge services to a diverse population empowering them to become conscious creators of the life they desire.

It comes down to living the life you want, advancing beyond your barriers and living your dream.  It’s easy to create obstacles for yourself making your own prison.  The trick is realizing that we create our reality.  This can be difficult to accept, for you must take responsibility for your creation and then decide to do something different.

Inez Bracy International's Coaches, Speakers and Trainers are highly qualified to work with you when you’re ready to advance beyond your wildest dreams to having the life you desire and deserve.

Partnering with Inez Bracy International, individuals and corporations discover and release their hidden talents and potential leading to a more fulfilling life and business.