Infinite Public Relations (IPR) was founded in 2001 as a professional services and litigation/crisis communication PR firm. For more than a decade, IPR’s team members have worked with many of the world's best known law, financial services, accounting, and consulting firms. We use creative storytelling, time-tested public relations methods, and an intimate knowledge of our clients’ businesses to effectively place them in top-tier, targeted publications and media outlets.

The IPR team has 100 years of combined experience working with professional services providers, and our deep knowledge of their professions and the challenges and opportunities in promoting them accounts for much of our success on behalf of our clients. IPR particularly understands the practice and business of law as our team of attorneys and former journalists has spent significant time practicing in the very fields they now serve. As a result, we know what makes a good story and understand how to create compelling media pitches that communicate effectively with the right audiences.