The most innovative solar towers unit to date, the MSTL( Mobile Solar Tower Light ) 900 runs independently to provide your lighting needs in remote locations or in heavy duty environments where it is needed 24/7. The MSTL ( Mobile Solar Tower Light )  900 is virtually maintenance free and it can run unmanned 24/7. It is more powerful and provides convenient and ecologically responsible alternative to wasteful generator powered lights. Deployed, the mast extends 30 feet high in less than 10 seconds, shining light over low obstructions encountered by traditional lower height lights. Built with versatility in mind, the unit features an array of 4 next generation LEDs that combined radiate up to 54,000 lumens, with a lifetime greater than 30,000 hours. The 359 degree beam spread guarantees that the entire emergency area will have the light you need for a safe and swift operation. Powered by 3 high yield solar panels the 10 heavy duty gel deep discharge cycle batteries, the system offers up to 32 hours of peak brightness when fully charged. Built tough with the AL-KO trailer and torsion bar suspension, the MSTL ( Mobile Solar Tower Light ) 900 is compact, heavy duty and provides easy ground transport on and off road.