Inflatable Ideas manufactures inflatables and related items in Hyderabad, India. Most product are custom designed Inflatables for advertising and promotion. We also produce balloons, costumes, air tubes along with bounce houses, inflatable jumping castles, slides built with the highest quality standards for durability. For Amusement parks, kids and adult entertainment we build Inflatable Slides, Bungee run, Gladiator Joust, Boulder dash Obstacle Course, Bouncy House or Jumpers, Moonwalks, Bouncers, or Bouncy Castles Obstacle Courses, Money Machine. We also can offer many other themes like Pirate, Hawaii, Historical, Cindrella, Alice in the wonderland, Alibaba, Egyptian, Medieval, Stone age theme for any Birthday party or festive celebrations. Also producing inflatable product replicas, sports inflatables, Inflatables Arch, Tunnel, Kiosks in product shape. Our Quality & Service is unmatched by any other inflatables manufacturing company.

Inflatable Ideas is well recognized in the industry as one of the top custom shape inflatable designers and manufacturers. We create our product designs with impeccable detail. We have been enjoying a stellar reputation of providing 14+ years of quality products and services to commercial, non–commercial and non-profit agencies mainly in USA, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, Portugal, Cyprus, Turkey, Austria, Singapore, Brunei, UAE, Kenya and few other countries. We invest exceptional quality, pride and care into every step of the production process.

“Inflatable Ideas” is a One Stop Promotional Center offering, but not limited to: Custom Shaped Cold Air Inflatables, Giant Character Inflatables, Giant Inflatable Animals, Inflatable Designs, Inflatable Props, Giant Themed Inflatables, Product Replicas, Giant Inflatable Globes, Rooftop Balloons; Custom and Standard Tents; Fiberglass Products; Interactive Inflatables, i.e. Bounce Houses; Moon Bounces, Party Jumpers, Fun House Jumpers; Super Slides; Obstacle Courses and other games. We specialize in customizing inflatables for advertising. Products you can't find anywhere, we custom make for you using your logo and design.

Reach Us @ http://www.inflatableideas.com