Infobrij is revolutionizing the way investment deals and funding comes together. Investors and pre-qualified project sponsors can now find each other in an easy-to-navigate and professionally managed platform. From highlighting opportunities to fit investment preferences, to managing moving parts of a complex project and reporting progress… Infobrij will meet your investment needs.

Infobrij has redesigned the communication and negotiation process to put more power into the hands of investors, creating a one-click management process for terms and options. This makes it easier than ever to define and communicate your requirements and have it your way.

Saving the best part for last, investments on the Infobrij platform also come backed with a guarantee, eliminating uncertainty and making investment decisions safe and easy. Sponsor vetting and due diligence is done by Infobrij, prior to being seen by Investors, allowing you financial security and peace of mind to know your money is safe.