Developers and marketers team of Infosoft Consultants have announced a new WooCommerce premium gold plugin released this week for WooCommerce users.

“The WooCommerce premium gold version has more stability and advance key-features” said by CEO and Founder of Infosoft Consultants. “WC Premium Gold version is a quickly loaded and helps user business to understand and take important discussion with responsive layout”

With the Woocommerce Premium Gold version, users can get and manage their total product, order and customer details in one dashboard. The dashboard summary covers today to total of the customers, orders, average sales, tax, refunds and coupons details of registered and Guest Customers. The line, column and pie chart, explore sales reports by month, week, days, top products and Google analytics reports which easy understandable by users. By hovering on World map’s country, user can check their country sales and order total.  The user easily saw their order summary, sales order summary, top n products, orders, customers, billing countries, payment gateways, coupons at one place with data drill down features.

With the WooCommerce Premium gold version, user can customize their sales and adjust reports by date, order id, customer, product status, country, state and many more. Inside the all details reports, user able to do every report separately.

In the eCommerce, many products are with the various colors, size and other variations. User can also easily get their reports as per the variations. And WooCommerce cross tab reports use to show reports country by month, product by month, product by state, order by month etc. The each and every report has also advanced exporter like .XLS, .CSV, .PDF. The user can generate invoices of order with manual fields like logo, signature and other subjects.

WooCommerce Premium gold version also has stock and variation stock management section which help user to manage their stock. And the advance tax reporting as per the standard country tax, user can simply manage their sipping and billing tax according to city, state and country wise.  

The WooCommerce premium gold version has inbuilt Google analytics reports which fetch data by actual setup website Google analytics ID and display daily visits, bounce rate, new session and many more. On the setting page, every section has estranged so admin can set values in boxes and spread out necessary reports by a few clicks of mouse.

By the thousands of customers and their review this plugin is commercially ready to use with extraordinary performance.

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About Infosoft Consultants:
Established in 1989, Infosoft consultants are leading custom web design, development and internet marketing services provider. They also have developed advanced reporting Plugins for other eCommerce platform like WP ecommerce, eShop, JigoShop and Cart66. Their innovative developer’s team is highly skilled and very experience, ready to face any kind of complex queries and complete it on time.

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