Infrared Imaging Services LLC is located just outside New York City and provides Infrared thermal imaging to address a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential applications. Infrared Thermography is used throughout industry because it is non destructive, efficient and cost effective to detect and document defects. We are members of United Infrared a national network of thermographers, Some of the applications of thermal imaging we work in are:

RoofScanIR™ Flat roof inspections – Infrared roof moisture survey and wet insulation on flat roofs and roof systems
Electrical infrared Inspection – Infrared surveys of electrical cabinets and components for loose connections, worn parts and overloads.
Mechanical infrared - on rotating and mechanical equipment for excess heat caused by wear, over/under lubrication and other factors.
Building IR surveys - for heat/ac loss and other building IR inspections such as steam pipes, underground/slab leaks, energy loss.
BlockWallScanIR™ CMU wall inspections - for missing grout and other structural deficiencies in concrete masonry walls.
Residential EnergyScanIR™ -  Our Energy Audits provide a Roadmap to energy savings customized for your home and designed to reduce your utility bills
Solar Panels - Infrared imaging is used to commission the electronics of commercial solar panel arrays as well as residential PV solar panel installations.