For more than 12 years we operated with We-Scan Thermography to supply and service the whole of South Africa, and we’ve gained invaluable insight and experience in that time. We built a substantial client base of businesses both big and small, and have developed the skills to service a broad range of industries and professions, including electrical, mechanical, veterinary, refractory, solar energy, veterinary, home and building inspections, and more!

Our team is confident enough in our abilities to offer training to aspiring professional inspectors, and there’s a multitude of benefits to being able to inspect your own work for quality control purposes. When installing pipes, in-floor heating, insulation material and repairing cracks, you can use infrared sensor technology to find leaks or uneven installation/repair. We can do these inspections ourselves, or you can take the time to invest in training for your team.

After years of servicing all provinces, we opted to separate the entities of We-Scan Thermography and TMS to reshape our business and serve our clients better. WST continues to serve the greater Gauteng area, some of Mpumalanga, and the North West Province. The Western Cape and other provinces are covered by us here at TMS, continuing to deliver top quality infrared thermography services and inspections, retailing thermal imaging equipment and infrared cameras, and thermal imaging training. Our companies work in unison to give you the best possible service and experience. We’ll detect whatever fault, anomalies or issues that lie out of plain sight to prevent system failures, breakdowns, and other heat-related stressors. This goes a long way to avoiding unexpected downtime in your operations and damage to property.

If you have any questions or enquiries feel free to contact us, we’re happy to get in touch with you. We’ll help you find the cause and solution to your problem, or give you the means to do so yourself.