Critical infrastructure protection, preparedness and readiness is serious business.

Infracritical was formed as a result of the need to establish and define standards and protocols for critical infrastructure protection (CIP). Infracritical is one of the industrial leaders within the private sector, providing research to management, best practice capabilities, education and training, information sharing practices, and (most importantly) information security awareness programs to both private and public sectors throughout the United States, Canada and North America.

The Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) industry (subset to the "Homeland Security industry") is still in its infancy -- and is growing every month, every year. Infracritical believes that this will be a very important industry that must be carefully structured and defined, accordingly. Otherwise, infrastructure operations may be disrupted, disabled, damaged, or (even worse) destroyed.

Infracritical realizes the importance of this critically vital industry -- its role, its (overall) function, and what importance it has to just about everything else (that may not be listed as a "critical infrastructure protection" or "critical infrastructure" sector or security domain). Security, compliance, governance, education/training and information sharing and awareness -- all provide an extremely valuable function for this unique and critically important industrial sector.

Infracritical was founded in 2001 realizing that the needs to provide useful, valuable information to both private and public sectors, was essential in our securification efforts of our Nation's infrastructures. Thus, through the combined efforts of all of these factors, utilizing both secured and unsecured data and information, will allow the United States of America to truly become the (Secured) United States of America. This also includes providing securification efforts to our neighbors to the North (Canada) as well as to the South (Mexico).