INGENIOUSTRIBE is a global provider of Background Screenings & Enhanced Due Diligence Services to world’s leading firms covering Information Technology, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Banking & Finance, Textile, Oil & Energy, Logistics and other sectors.

Employments Background Screening
Every organization has to make sure that their hiring process is safe and up to the mark. We engage with our clients to achieve that objective by pre-employment screenings with effective and efficient techniques.
Enhanced Due Diligence
Due Diligence is a concept that involves various means used to investigate and estimate business opportunities. In other words expanding a business or entering a new market is not possible without conducting successful Due Diligence.
Immigration Screenings
ITGS Immigration screening division offers immigration verification checks to all foreign embassies and government organizations to screen out all the documents and date involved for the VISA issuance process.
Verification Services
Verifications involve an extensive research on an individual or an organization’s public records. This research not only verifies basic information such as addresses education-family but also government level documents such as passports, national ID and criminal records.
Insurance Fraud Investigations
Insurance Market has seen a rise in the number of claiming frauds over the past few years. An insurance fraud or a negative insurance is fake claim on the insurance company but also allows many others to get advantage of this unethical practice.
Risk Analysis
Risk management may be considered as a simple concept that suggests avoiding any obstacles in the future; however avoiding risk may not be easy. ITGS helps you manage avoiding risks.
Corporate consulting
The service covers wholesome business planning from starting a new business, expanding premises, exploring new markets, corporate structuring and feasibility of new ideas & concepts to business mergers.

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