Los Angeles, Ca / Las Vegas, Nevada
United States Of America

Officially trademarked, Ink Cartel Clothing company since 2003 has been an artist inspired clothing company that has worked precisely with Tattoo and Graffiti artist through-out the world, for a eye indulging clothing company out of Las Vegas, Nevada with an aspiring twist of Los Angeles, California. With their consistent collaboration of Honesty, Loyalty, & Respect in which only leads into a very passionate and inspiring method of today’s youth translating ARTWORK, whether from a pen, marker, pencil, paint brush, or a spray can, into what we wear on our backs, that resembles who, and what we are. From their one of a kind, hand drawn ARTWORK, to the ECO friendly material they use, to the deeply poetic sculptured words that bleed into their every clothing item that is respectively collaborated. Offered to people like you, the people we all are. People that hear, see, and feel the same air AS they all DO, the air that blows truth and immortal involvement of CREATIVE motivational culture that will NOW, scar others in a way of respect, dignity and a blessing of strength that we can all use somehow or some way. So continue to be on the lookout for Ink Cartel Clothing Company New Line for 2011, and hang on for a creative twist of an excellent mind set of today’s youth.

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