Everybody uses plates. The problem is that the same plates aren't for everybody. When we ran our initial surveys the response we received more than any other was I don't want something that "looks like my grandmother's." Young adults love their nan, but they don't share the same tastes in music, or fashion, or tableware. They don't want stuffy and formal china, and they don't want mass-produced mainstream dinnerware. They want something that reflects their personality and individuality.

Ink Dish was born from a leading tableware design company. That is where we came from, and that is still the core of our company.

Our core of designers allows us to take numerous angles on a project and bring multiple styles through to visuals. By then testing those directly with target consumers we are able to ensure that our products don't just look good on the shelves, but are what consumers want to buy, and priced to optimize retailers' profit per square foot.

From initial concept to execution Ink Dish has confirmed assumptions through industry and proprietary research. Advisors have been consulted and processes verified in manufacturing, inventory management, and marketing to ensure that every product we put out is good enough to bear our name and we are able to efficiently fulfill high volumes of reorders.