Inlo, Your Personal Profile for IoT. Automate with a Personal Profile, Local Positioning System, and Asset Tracker for your smart home

Austin, Texas - July 20, 2017 - Inlo -- July 14      Inlo connects you to your smart home. True automation of your smart home needs to know you are there. Your smart home needs to detect your presence to customize your environment, like lights, temperature, and even music. Although we’ve connected devices together, humans are not part of that connection.

Inlo ties you to locations and things.
Place Inlo devices in all major rooms of your home. Inlo will know your presence and the location of any wireless device, like Bluetooth/ BLE-enable device, and any 802.15.4 enabled device (contiki, Thread, Zigbee,etc..).  

Presence gives you the power to customize your environment, like playing music on a
Sonos, adjusting the lighting on your Philips Hue or even setting the
temperature on a smart thermostat. Connecting with IFTTT will give you the
power to create custom environments individualized to your preferences.

Connect Inlo to Amazon Alexa and ask where someone or something is, like your pet who’s
wearing a third-party tracking tag like Tile, or where something like your lost
wireless headphones are hiding.

Inlo devices create a map of your home, placing you and any identified items on the
map. In the Inlo mobile app, you can identify any smartphones, wireless headphones, headsets, tracking tags to see them in the map.

Using the Inlo map of your home, you’ll be able to see hotspots and fences, which become
even more useful to trigger other smart devices to do things like turn on or
adjust settings based on your presence. Hotspot are areas you have
defined in your inlo network. If you want something happen in a specific spot
mark it with a hotspot. Fences allow you to make invisible lines around devices
or hotspots to help with different rules.

How Inlo works:
Inlo is not a BLE beacon. Inlo is not a motion sensor. Inlo is so much more. Inlo creates a
network so you don’t have to have complex installation. Simply place Inlo
devices on the perimeter walls of your home or space.

The more devices you identify the smarter the Inlo network grows. Inlo can also add devices you already have with BLE, Thread, and Zigbee.

Inlo can know it’s you and your preferences
Inlo creates a profile for you to define preferences and rules. Your profile lets
your home, and the smart devices inside of it, recognize it is you that is near
with accuracy down to about 1 foot and a more accurate version in works.

Your profile lets it know it is you and connect to other platforms such as spotify, tailoring your environment it also ties your items to you for asset management (Such as BLE findables, zigbee
dongles, etc.).

Define your preferences
Your preferences let environments know what you prefer such as the temperature you enjoy the room, your favorite color lighting, how bright you prefer the light, your taste in music, anything the environment could need to make your day, task or experience better. rules allow you to set up your environment. This can be very static for a single profile or interact with preferences to create dynamic environments for other

Generic rules. We are no longer saying when walking to room do this, we are saying what
is in the room, there’s a light bulb and thermostat, what profile/person walked into the environment, what time of the day is it, then it turns that generic rules into a specific set of rules.

Inlo seeks to help add the one thing missing from Iot, You.

More about Inlo at www.theInlo.com