Innovativ Consulting Partners, LLC  (ICP) was founded in 2008 by several experienced consultants who recognized a need  to develop a firm that delivered innovative solutions for clients in several industry segments. The culture of ICP is team-member focused and offers our clients an opportunity to be served by a cohesive and knowledgeable team. The ICP management team is based in Ohio and has been serving clients for over fifteen years.

When the company was initially formed, the direction of the company was to primiarly deliver consulting services.  Since December, 2008, the company has decided to purse a balanced approach of professional services, developing product and managed services (or SaaS - software as a service).  

ICP has built strong industry credentials in the Education, and Government industries.  Many members of our staff have extensive consulting experience that is leveraged to create actionable recommendations and practical systems.

Through these avenues of expertise and strong connections to available clients, ICP is able to offer IT and Business Consulting to higher education and public sector customers. Typically ICP will serve those looking to implement open-source technologies such as Kuali, revised pre-packaged software such as PeopleSoft or Innovativ's own unique software, as well as many other traditional ERP and technology-based solutions such as website design.