Inventors are invited to propose new products or services that serve national security interests or help to protect society from terrorism.  

We are a new organization being formed under Regulation A+ of the JOBS Act.  Our organization, Innovators Community, www.InnovatorsCommunity.com has the mission of aiding the emergence of new products and services that are beneficial to society.  

The institutions of law and order are under stress from increasingly complex challenges.  They need the support of society‚Äôs brightest innovators in order to preserve cohesive and positive social order. The public also requires creative assistance in preserving the Western ideal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Innovators who have ideas for products and services that are consistent with these aims are invited to become part of an opening portfolio of innovations to be funded and guided in their launch by Innovators Community.   Consumer product and industrial innovation will also be considered.

Unlike conventional venture capital, Innovators Community does not seek ownership of any invention or company.  Instead, Innovators Community is content to recover its funding and assistance through shared revenue in joint ventures.  An adaptive network of product launch experts is available to support this process.

Individuals or institutions with the financial means to support and desire to profit from this mission are also invited to contact Innovators Community for attractive customized arrangements.  CEO@InnovatorsCommunity.com and InnovatorsCommunity@gmail.com