What´s the meaning of all this?

We are a collection of expats who have lived in Malaga and Andalusia for many years.

We know that Malaga enjoys a unique charm, pace and quaintness that slams head-on into the hustle and bustle lifestyle of those stepping off the plane from Northern Europe and the USA.

Welcome to the South

When tourists / newcomers from these stressed out areas visit or relocate here, they love the lifestyle but often have issues with the slower pace and other adjustment issues. We can put this into perspective for you.

Into the future…slowly

Malaga strives to be a cutting-edge, cosmopolitan city with a Technology Park, modern convention center and even protected bike lanes and (nearly) free bike use (7€ / year).

However its links to its rich past, ancient customs and conservative attitudes–dating back centuries–act like an anchor to keep its feet on the ground while it reaches for the stars and its place in the 21st century.

Your guide to adjusting

Come with us to find out what its like to visit or live here. Learn how to find a job, a living space and even a mate…if you plan to stay longer or return.

Unlike other candy-coated portals that only tell you about the sunnyside of life here, we give you problem-solving insights and the positive-attitude needed to get over the hurdles and red-tape associated with settling here. If you wield limited or no Spanish, we can show you the ropes in good ol´English.

Feel free to contact us and give us suggestions for articles or info you would like to read about.

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