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Insiders Health is an alternative health and medical news and information network providing syndicated and user-created content in articles, web TV shows, blogs, forums and an alternative health glossary. Insiders Health accepts no advertising, so medical news is factual and hard-hitting. Insiders Health's growing membership contribute a variety of content to the growing community.

Insiders Health is a daily source of the latest news, research and information on medical and alternative health topics. Medical Professionals, alternative health advocates and health conscious individuals provide the best and latest content for up-to-date information on healthy living and staying healthy. Viewers and members use insiders Health to search for information on particular diseases or conditions, seek fitness and nutrition tips, or research the best ways to keep their families healthy.

Insiders Health produces web TV series on alternative health topics

Insiders Health TV (IHTV)

- short daily videos on wide-ranging health topics. Often funny, always accessible, IHTV delivers a daily dose of unusual health news ranging from alternative health advice, the latest medical research and breakthroughs, tips for parents, medical scandals, drug recalls, mental health news, sexual health topics, and other news of interest.

Weeds of Wisdom

- weekly short videos on the growing and controversial medical marijuana culture in the United States. Weeds of Wisdom delivers the latest news and factual information on medical marijuana, its uses, cultivation, dispensaries, and legal issues. Hosted by Blaze, a medical marijuana cultivator, Weeds of Wisdom educates and entertains while bringing viewers up to date on medical marijuana issues.