Coimbatore, India- 20-11-2019- Insight Mailer announces its latest version of marketplace feedback and review software tool Insight Mailer 2.0. Based on user feedback Insight Mailer 2.0 builds on the functionality of the previous version of the best- selling software. Insight Mailer 2.0 allows the user to collect data from most measuring instruments, analyse, monitor and manage results to gain insight on communication sent to end consumers.
Insight Mailer 2.0 covers-
1.Creation of personalized communication template by the user and preview the same.
2.Track review and feedback for 5 products at the same time. These products can be changed at any given time.
3. Track communication of every order id.
4. View positive & negative product and seller feedback.
5.Schedule communication to end customers requesting feedback and review for past and future orders as well.
6. Shoot a promotional email with multiple products. Possibility to add up to 3 products in a single email.
7. Gauge click rate results of communications emails sent, delivered and opened. If the email has a link that directs the user to the product page, click rate of the same can also be viewed.
8. Online upsize/ downsize payment plans with an inbuilt payment system.
9.Download payment invoice right after making the payment. The invoice is also saved in the account holder’s dashboard for future reference.
10.Simplified UX/UI for easy navigation.
Insight Mailer 2.0 is available for a 7-day free trial. Post-trial the software is available for purchase.
Analytics for curating strategies
Insight Mailer marketplace seller feedback and review tool helps sellers connect with their end customers post the sale has been made. Requesting for feedback and receiving positive feedback help sellers increase their sales. Insight Mailer can also be used to communicate discounts and other offers the seller may run for his products. Data received on the emails sent can help in strategizing individual seller’s marketing activities around the said product. Also, a heads-up could help the customer plan his purchase better.
Insight Mailer hopes to collaborate with marketplace sellers worldwide and provide outstanding user-friendly UX/UI that work towards measuring and delivering unparalleled marketplace services.