We are a travel website offering inspiration for new holiday destinations and some really helpful practical information. We specialise in providing concise, easy to read destination guides, perfect for time poor independent travellers. Our practical advice covers a range of topics from how to save money on your car hire to surviving a long haul flight with young children. We have drawn on our extensive experience of travelling over much of the globe and of living overseas to come up with reliable, useful information that is well presented and easy to read.

We founded Inspire Our Trip because we love travelling and have a huge drive to explore new corners of the world and discover interesting place. Increasingly, we found the time and effort required to plan each trip frustrating as we attempted to wade through the volume of information on the internet. We thought there must be a better way than spending hours and hours on review sites or reading through various guidebooks. We wanted someone to do all the hard work for us and then tell us the best or most important bits. In the end we decided to create that site ourselves.

Our destination guides currently focus on the US as we have particular knowledge of independent travel here. Louise lived in the US for 4 years and travelled extensively. Anna has a number of close friends living in the US and has holidayed there many times, along with her children. Over time we plan to expand the site to cover new destinations in the Us and beyond. Our intention is to make the most of our extensive independent travel experience, spanning rather longer than we care to admit, and in turn help you plan a few trips of your own.