InspiredStream is an online social networking service. with its first inception in 2012 InspiredStream launched inspiredstream.com a social network based on the idea that sharing creates community. The site is designed to exploit the advanced technology for multimedia including video, sound, and static images, which can exponentially boost the potential for novel forte to be experienced by fanatics across the globe. It aspires to open up several venues to the promising artists who can now expand their horizon of highlighting their creative aptitude and kindle international fame as well as conversations about the present trends. On the site, some enticing functionalities exist, which allows enhancing the uploaded creativity. This collection includes real time color rectification, slow motion, and audio and video filters. Apart from that, the members can make albums with video comments as well as custom playlists, groups, and channels. Expanding on the business model InspiredStream launched two newer responsive mobile websites under the tech companies subsidiaries, ISFeed.com, and Selflebrity.com. ISFeed is about news media that selects stories specifically for the Internet audience such as World news, Politics, and Humor. the newest most entertaining site of them all is Selflebrity which just launched on August 16, 2014. Selflebrity is the idea for people to take selfies of themselves posing as celebrities. Selflebrity is The easiest way for everyone to share themselves as celebrities.