InstantFinder.com is a next-generation global online marketplace for buyers, sellers and advertisers. As a marketplace, it serves needs beyond eBay and Amazon. As an advertising site, it goes beyond eBay classifieds, Alibaba, Craigslist, or other websites.

Goods or services. With our integrated, multi-currency shopping cart, InstantFinder enables you to buy and sell products, and exchange payment for your transaction, directly on the site. However, mankind cannot live by shopping cart alone. For things that cannot be bought or sold through a shopping cart, e.g., services, buyers and sellers can advertise on InstantFinder to find each other.

All categories. You can buy or sell anything on InstantFinder, except for illegal (including counterfeit) or socially unacceptable items (which we work diligently to exclude, and commit to removing if they make their way on to InstantFinder.)

All major currencies. Local across town, or across the globe, buyers can buy, and sellers can receive payment, in the currency of their choice. We support seventeen currencies through Paypal, which is rapidly becoming the world’s most universal payment system, with transparent currency exchange.

Fast or economical shipping. As a buyer, you can choose economical or fast shipping, locally or globally. As a seller, you can charge for shipping separately, or offer free shipping.

Integrated marketing. All sellers know this: the biggest obstacle to sales and growth is getting the word out. At InstantFinder, we do several things to help generate awareness and demand for your products and services. On your own, these things would be difficult and expensive.

Search engines. We list your product on product search engines, so that you are easily found. We optimize our pages for high visibility in natural search.
Social marketing. As so many buyers and sellers hang out on social networks such as Facebook (500+ million users), we present your product on our as well as your pages on these social networks. From these pages, word of your products, quality, prices, or service, can spread quickly. We also make InstantFinder visible on blogs, wikis, and other community sites. To be helpful to buyers and sellers, we are careful to provide useful information, not chatter or hype. This makes InstantFinder a trusted marketplace.
Filtered E-mail and SMS notifications. We send filtered notifications to our registered buyers on items (e.g., new listings, special discounts) in areas they express interest in.
Merchandising and display. A good store offers the right products, and the right combinations of products, in one place. It makes them easily accessible. And it makes the overall shopping experience appealing. On InstantFinder, we work to deliver each of these benefits. Sellers can upload products in minutes. They can enhance their catalog with new products easily as demand evolves.

Low cost. InstantFinder’s efficiency delivers the lowest markup between seller and buyer.

Our basic stores are free. They are richer in capabilities than eBay, Amazon and other first-generation online marketplaces. Our transaction fees are lower than eBay and Amazon.

Immediate payment. Our payment system pays seller immediately as buyer makes payment, so that there is no delay in shipment. Our service fee is deducted automatically from the proceeds forwarded to seller. Paypal fees are also similarly deducted by Paypal.

Bulk upload. Using InstantFinder’s bulk upload feature, sellers can import entire stores, with hundreds of items, from eBay, Amazon, or other marketplaces, in minutes.
New listings and changes. Seller can list new products, upload photos, videos and slideshows, change prices, terms, etc., with a few keystrokes.
Easy checkout. Whether you buy one item or many, from one store or several, our checkout process is simple.

Our support. We try to respond to all questions within 24 hours. For buyers, we are committed to making your buying experience the best possible. For sellers, we are committed to helping your business flourish.

Summary. Buying, selling, and advertising online – locally or globally, for consumers and businesses – should be simple, easy, safe, and economical. This is our mission. We do this in several ways:

The reach of our integrated marketing on search engines and social networks brings buyers and sellers together more easily.
Our stores are easy to set up. Our ads are easy to place. And you can build your brand.
Our easy window-shopping and dialog between buyer and seller (including video chat) simplifies buying decisions.

Your feedback. At InstantFinder, we want to expand and accelerate ecommerce with a new generation of capabilities. We are not replacing first-generation sites, which have served us all well. We aim to supplement them.

And if you like what you see, please spread the word.

Contact us for any queries

Email: support@instantfinder.com