APPSeCONNECT -- A smart integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that can connect SaaS & on-premise applications, data sources and technologies under one single platform. It empowers organizations to automate their business processes by eliminating the need for painful manual data exchange between applications and systems.

This Business Process Automation (BPA) platform is capable of the most in-depth integration and enables real-time, bi-directional flow of data between systems, thus streamlining operations, enhancing productivity and accelerating growth. Through its omnichannel integration capabilities, the platform empowers businesses to leverage their existing systems, resources, technology and data.


- Pre-configured Integrations
- End-to-end automation
- Drag-and-drop visual builder
- Flexible Deployment
- Easy setup, low-code platform
- 100+ ready connectors
- 1000+ integration end points
- Faster time-to-market

Trusted by 1200+ Businesses Worldwide!