IntegriCo Composites is a Texas-based manufacturer of composite plastic products made from landfill-bound plastic waste. The Company's initial product is a composite plastic railroad tie, and the technology can be widely applied to a variety of industrial products.

IntegriCo's competitive advantage comes from its proprietary equipment and process expertise. The patented equipment has a unique design and process controls which allow it to process contaminated, mixed waste plastics directly into finished composite products. To date, IntegriCo has qualified its product in the US railroad market, secured orders in excess of 100,000 units with the various US railroads and industrial customers, and demonstrated its capacity for high-volume production of ties at a profitable rate with a stable stream of raw materials.


IntegriCo Composites' railroad ties are made with engineering materials and processes utilizing best practices for quality assurance and control standards. The company utilizes its patented technology and equipment to process mixed plastic waste in achieving high consistency and structural integrity of its composite railroad ties.

- A pattern is stamped into three sides of the composite railroad ties to increase the ballast retention and increase in-track stability

- IntegriCo composite railroad ties can be spiked without pre-drilling

- IntegriCo rail ties have undergone extensive third party testing at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne, TTCI in Pueblo, Colorado, NTS Laboratories in Plano, Texas and OCM Test Laboratories in Anaheim, California

- Composite railroad ties have been installed in a variety of applications and locations and have been in service in excess of two years.