Our Mission is clear:

1) We help you make smart decisions about money and investing.

2) We help you accumulate and/or preserve wealth.

3) We help you secure your retirement goals and put you in a position so that your "day job" becomes optional.

Our Philosophy is simple:

Take control of your investments.  Invest with someone who has a “legal loyalty” to YOU!  Control factors that matter most: focus on diversification, identify an optimal asset allocation and understand your total cost of investing.  Invest with Integrity.

Our approach is based on the following core principles: massive global diversification, low cost, high transparency, minimize taxes, minimize turnover and utilize a disciplined investment strategy supported by the academic research of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), Vanguard and others. Why Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)?

Integrity Investment Advisors is a fee only Independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm. The firm was established in 2010 with the intent of becoming a fresh alternative in the financial services industry.  Because of the Great Recession of 2008 and the Financial Meltdown, Wall Street and the big banks have been exposed with their high fees and inability to put Clients interest first.  

Informed investors are no longer willing to put up with this lack of transparency, lack of trust and lack of results.  Investors deserve better.  You deserve an advisor who puts your interests first and has a "legal loyalty" to YOU;  this is called a fiduciary standard of care.   Sadly, many advisors do not offer this level of service.  Whether you use our firm or not, we believe investors in general are better off using a fee only fiduciary financial advisor.

Todd Moerman is the Founder and Managing Partner of Integrity Investment Advisors, LLC.  He has a degree from Miami University in Finance and holds a AWMA designation (Accredited Wealth Management Advisor).  He has worked for large global companies like Xerox, GE Healthcare and Philips Healthcare.  These experiences have allowed him to see the need for changes in the Financial Services business model.  

Financial markets have changed, pensions plans have changed, social security and medicare are at risk...... retirement planning has changed.  Investors can no longer afford "business as usual".  They can no longer afford high fees, lack of transparency, lack of trust and lack of results. Contact us for a 2nd opinion about your financial strategy.