Why use Integrity Staffing Services?

High Caliber Customer Service
-Integrity Staffing is a full service staffing firm built on the belief that offering the highest level of customer service is the most important aspect of our business.

Extensive Experience in Workforce Solutions
-Our staff consists of skilled recruiting professionals from diverse corporate environments with over fifty years of combined experience.

Building Long-Term Partnerships
-We strive to continuously build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. --We achieve our goals through honest and fair business practices

-Our policies are diverse so that each individual position can be tailored according to your needs.
-We find the right candidate to match your specified qualifications and serve your needs.

-As one of the few staffing firms in our region which offers this verification process, we remain ahead of the curve with delivering a qualified and legally compliant workforce.

Services Offered:

-Our long and short-term temporary staffing solutions accommodate fluctuations in your normal production demands, seasonal spikes, vacations, medical leave or special projects.

-Our unique hiring strategy gives our clients the opportunity to evaluate a potential employee before adding them to your staff. After a minimum hour requirement, you may hire the individual at no additional expense.

Direct Placement
-Our individualized service enables us to accommodate the precise needs, budgets and circumstances of your staffing demands. Our recruiting strategies will target top talent, meeting your desired qualifications for immediate hire.

Payrolling Services
-You recruit the individual but choose to put them on our payroll for several weeks or several months. We are responsible for payroll, taxes, even Worker’s Compensation & Unemployment.