Your organization, like you, requires a purpose as well as values to guide it. A clear mission statement and key values are recognized as critical to an organization fully fulfilling its potential. Many studies have clearly demonstrated that organizations which invest in establishing a value based working environment are more profitable, more productive, enjoy great customer satisfaction, and higher retention rates of valued employees than those which do not. Unfortunately, many organizations only formally focus on their missions and their values during stategic planning, only to have those important guidelines gather dust during the time in between.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that your people are aware of your organization’s mission and are truly guided by its values? Wouldn't it be great to fully utilize the inspirational power potential of being on a mission and having values?  It’s been our experience that employees often do not know their organization’s mission statement and values when asked. Or, far worse, in bad situations, they may cynically roll their eyes and say that “all of that stuff is just for show”. Lack of organizational alignment and commitment to values is associated with increased stress leaves, harassment suits, theft of time and materials, conflict, cliques, gossiping, lowered morale, and work to rule; all problems which severely impact performance.    

Our model is very simple. We’ll directly assess whether your values are known and lived, and we’ll help rally your people around these values so that everyone is pulling together to achieve a common mission. We can help make a good situation better, or transform toxicity and dysfunction into success. We’ll work with you to bring alignment with values by identifying and resolving the issues that are getting in the way, determining what the behaviours associated with your values would look like, and how to keep accountable to those values/behaviours in the future. By doing so we help you instill clarity and unity thus creating more possibility for trust, passion, pride, dedication, communication, loyalty, and effort-all things clearly linked with profitability and productivity.

We believe in people. We’re unapologetically idealistic. And we want what’s best for you.