Conflict is a normal part of relationships, particularly in a family. Not only does it involve a great deal of stress, it also impairs our ability to reason with the very people we once trusted. As a result, opinions clash, disagreements arise and permanent decisions for a family can make or break the future of all involved if handled in an adversarial manner.

Integrous Resolution Services (IRS) is a professional practice providing divorce and family alternative resolution services. By helping parties shift the quality of their conflict interaction from negative and destructive to positive and constructive, IRS facilitate and encourage parties in making decisions together. To be successful, parties must be willing to concede mutually, in order to begin a productive analysis of their views, the views of the other party and careful consideration on the situation they face together.

ADR is an alternative to litigation and provides parties, involved with ongoing conflicts, an opportunity to reach a resolution quickly, inexpensively and civilly. At Integrous Resolution Services, neutrals are experienced in juvenile, dependency and family court systems, and are fully trained to serve as a Qualified Neutral Under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice for the District Courts.