"Intelligent Core® & More is synonym for Intelligent Core® data-, signal-, speech- and image processing as well as technical / operational systems and components...", Clemens Kaltenbach / Intelligent Core®

Intelligent Core®s are exclusive Persons, Ideas, Terms, Logos, Domains, Companies, Products, Services, Brands, Missions, Visions, Aphorisms:

Intelligent Core®s: artificial, adaptive, intelligent, self-learning, individually and universally applicable (processing) units!

-> Intelligent Core®s Creations - Constructive Creations
-> Intelligent Core®s Evolutions - Constructive Evolutions

Intelligent Core®s, the Spirits are, which move, which move, the Spirits are

Intelligent Core® networks most diverse subjects / objects as Intelligent Core®s in respect to all kinds of, beneficial aspects. So that these can within the Intelligent Core® Network Association in a constructive sense communicate together respectively exchange each other, optimize, further- and advance develop ...