Bountiful Vegan's founders, Terry Bradford and Mary Wilmer, are long-time vegans who love great tasting food and often have trouble finding the variety of ready-made, delicious vegan foods that they want when they're on the go. After years of toying with the idea of doing something with food, they finally jumped in with both feet and started a vegan food manufacturing company. Bountiful Vegan was born on May 27, 2008 (their first day in the commercial kitchen).

Bountiful Vegan's goal is to make vegan food that tastes fantastic to all palates. Everyone deserves to enjoy food that's good for them and that tastes good, too. One of the highest compliments Bradford and Wilmer get is that their food is delicious period (rather than "it's good, for vegan.").  Their first commercial product line is the Intention Cookie™.