Intentional Power is devoted to helping you live your own intentional life - all the time.
Helping you tap into and develop your unlimited power through your own intentional
process of determination, visualization, inspiration and actualization. Teaching you
how to live your idea of your best life by using your own Intentional Power every day.

CEO, Debra M. Hollinrake, is an AAMET-certified EFT Practitioner, leading workshops and individual sessions to help those suffering from emotional pain. Debra’s joy-filled and gentle approach guides and teaches how to release negative emotions – simply, quickly and permanently. Through EFT, Debra helps free people and animals alike from their stress, fear and anger - once and for all - so they can finally move on to living a happy and fulfilling life.

Debra is a skilled EFT Practitioner, Life Activation Practitioner, Light & Energy Worker, Teacher and Motivational Speaker.

Intentional Power - sharing easy and effective tools for living your story, your way.