International Lighthouse Ministries is Ready

International Lighthouse Ministries is the new name for Deceitful Masters that has extended its ministry to include a network of Christian ministries. It has added a new book called “7 Steps to God's Glorious Freedom.” It is ready to work for the good of humanity worldwide. It is calling for a return to more sane ways to solve this world's problems.

Yates Center, Kansas (International Lighthouse Ministries) August 20, 2013
International Lighthouse Ministries has a unique God-inspired commission. It is focusing the Word of Truth upon the raging sea of treacherous lies.

Family values are being eroded by tyrants. Economic structures are being built on crumbling foundations. Sovereign nations are being trashed by warlords. Violent crimes are rising. Lawlessness is replacing long established, stabilizing moral and spiritual values. Such signs of a decaying society call for a Supernatural intervention. International Lighthouse Ministries, a full service Christian organization, takes its responsibility to focus the Word of Truth on this raging sea of treacherous lies to restore law and order very seriously. International Lighthouse Ministries understands time is running out. It realizes there may not be a tomorrow if something is not done today to turn around the world's mad rush toward eternal destruction. It knows now is the time to take action.

International Lighthouse Ministries has a plan of action that can be administered anywhere, any time by anyone. Its plan is to turn our thirsty world into a “Garden of Eden.” It is freely pouring out “rivers of living water” from the Word of God to this desolate world. These rivers are the fruit of the Holy Spirit of love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance or self-control as recorded in Galatians 5:22-26. The plan starts with each individual person and works outward into the family, the church, the civil government, the community, the district, the state, the nation, the world.  

International Lighthouse Ministries is established on solid ground. Howard Eugene Wright, its founder and administrator, is working through International Lighthouse Ministries to focus the Word of Truth upon a raging sea of treacherous lies. Howard pastored over thirty years in Christian churches all over the United States of America. He has a bachelor's degree in Small-Group Speech-Communications from the University of Minnesota and a master's degree in Christian Clinical Counseling from Cornerstone University. He has taught high school chemistry and taken studies in earth sciences and biological sciences. He has helped establish a Christian Workers Conference in Uganda, East Africa. With all this experience and training he is well equipped to organize International Lighthouse Ministries.

Tree of Life Ministries International, an International Lighthouse Ministries partner, is founded and administrated by Pastor Tukakira Victor of Uganda, East Africa. He is being greatly used by the Lord  God of Glory. His website can be found linked to International Lighthouse Ministries. Other like-minded ministries are invited to join this ministry.

International Lighthouse Ministries is in its growing stage. Its founder has a talk show called “Rivers of Living Water” at www.talkzone.com/shows/christianchannel/riversoflivingwater.html. The shows can be viewed on the archives and on You Tube at www.youtube.com/HowardEWright at your convenience. The live shows are on Tuesdays at 10 AM CST USA. He has authored 9 books. The newest one is called “7 Steps to God's Glorious Freedom: Focusing the Word of Truth Upon a Raging Sea of Treacherous Lies.” He has an on-going series called “God's Treasure Chest of Biblical Truth.” More information is at  www.international-lighthouse-ministries.com.  

International Lighthouse Ministries is positioned to work with people who are willing to be a part of a “counterculture” movement that seeks to do good to the whole person regardless of race, place, or station in life. Its life-giving message is the answer to all the ills in the world. It has the tools and knowledge to work with the Supernatural in the natural world to bring whole healing to the whole human race.    

For more information contact:     Howard Eugene Wright
                International Lighthouse Ministries        
                401 E. Wilson Street.
                Yates Center KS 66783-1575 USA
                Phone: 620-625-2660
                Email: howard@deceitfulmasters.com
                Website: www.international-lighthouse-ministries.com