Camp Roadless Summer is an International Summer Camp dedicated to providing art and nature activities for children who live overseas and want to be surrounded in an English speaking environment.
visual and performing arts camp would be perfect for your child. The program is called

Camp Roadless Summer, it is a residential summer camp that celebrates the arts. Your child will head to Mount Haruna in Gunma Prefecture where campers can take playwriting, poetry, art, dance and reader's theater classes.

We believe that every camper, no matter what the level, will be a star!  Joining a camp that is dedicated to the arts gives your child the benefits of being with other like-minded children who enjoy creating art and performing.

But it's not all singing and dancing, your child will be able to explore the forest, go on a river trek, and have a great time roasting marshmallows, eating banana boats and making new friends.

The goal of Camp Roadless Summer's visual and performing arts camp is to provide a chance for campers to explore the arts in an English speaking environment. Campers will communicate with children from different backgrounds and cultures.  Camp counselors are chosen based on their specialty. In the past we have hired dancers who have experience working in Los Angeles and in international schools in Tokyo. We also were fortunate to have trained studio artists teach children about fairy tales in Japan through nature.

Campers will be motivated by our professional staff of artists.  All members of the Camp Roadless team are trained in their respective fields. We hire artists who love the arts and are comfortable with teaching young children.

The last day of camp will give campers an opportunity to perform for the group. Campers will be a star in front of their peers. They will display their artwork, dance, sing, act, and recite their poems.  Our last day doesn’t mean good-bye, it means see you soon!

We hope to see you at Camp Roadless Summer!

If you would like to know more about specialty camps vs. traditional camps, download The Ultimate Free Guide to Summer Camps for Parents Living Overseas!