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Are you worried about security at your small business or home? Then we have found the perfect surveillance camera for you. Why? Because this IP Camera allows you to monitor and control the cameras security video feed from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you really can do that with this IP Camera! With an IP Surveillance Camera you can do so much; view the live security video of any room, pan tilt and zoom the ip camera, get motion detection alerts, email alerts, view the rooms at night with the built in nightvision, and so much more. These Hootoo brand ip cameras even allow you to view up to 4 feeds at once so that you can either just install one camera to keep an eye on an important location such as the cash counter or your private study, or more so that you can view a target room from every possible corner.

The ultimate IP Security Camera that comes with PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) and motion detection alarm recording functions is here - the Hootoo IP Surveillance Camera with PTZ and Motion Detection, which in stock at your regional warehouse for immediate single piece or large bulk ordering.

How to do all this? With the built in firmware, you simply set the IP Surveillance Camera up with your LAN or WLAN network and then you can login to it anytime you want. This gives you the choice of just viewing the camera's video feed via the internet on a when needed basis or you can also choose to be always logged in and constantly recording the footage, the choice is yours.

Whether you're at the Los Angeles airport or a coffee shop in Berlin, you will be able to instantly check the security status of your home or business from your laptop computer, thereby making it easier to travel and not worry so much about someone misbehaving while you are away.

This powerful IP Surveillance Camera with PTZ and Motion Detection (by Hootoo) is in stock now and available to you at a low factory-direct wholesale price. Click "add to cart" now and we will express ship out your order tomorrow. Good for dropship sales as well as internet storefronts.

Primary Feature Summary

   * Internet accessible security camera
   * Can use just one or even link up to 4 together
   * LAN and WLAN network connection (cable or wifi - your choice)
   * Instantly login to view the video feed via the internet
   * PTZ - pan tilt and zoom via the cameras internet software user interface
   * Motion detection with email alert option
   * Reiable Hootoo brand product with 12-month manufacturers full warranty

Archived Customer Questions and Answers

   * Do I need a username and password to access the admin controls when I visit the IP address of the security camera?
     Yes, located in the user manual are the default user name and password, once you have logged in to the admin controls, make sure you change the default username and password to something else for security purposes. After that, you can use your newly created username and password to access the camera's internet UI.
   * Does the IC Camera Motion Detection function have an included sensitivity control?
     In the admin panel of the UI you will find sensitivity option settings. Set the best one suits your installation. It is recommended that you test each sensitivity option so as to best determine what it should be for your given room(s).
   * Why is this called an IP Surveillance Camera? What does IP stand for? This is like a video security camera, yes?
     IP stands for Internet Protocol. This kind of camera can be used like a security surveillance camera but its video feed and user settings are accessed through an internet browser via the internet.
   * My friend sent me a link to a website/forum where they says there is a better firmware/software for this camera. So how do I "flash" the firmware? Which version of firmware does this camera run?
     We do not recommend flashing the firmware and cannot give you links or advice on changing the specifications of the product. Yes, you can find updated firmware on the internet for this IP Camera, but we cannot provide support or assistance in doing product modifications and we discourage you from trying since it voids the Hootoo Manufacturers Warranty.

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