Internet Consultant Paddington (ICP) helps clients get more visibility, so they get MORE leads and therefore MORE SALES.

Our mission is to help YOUR business get MORE customers.

We can help YOU grow and develop YOUR business online.
We have been growing and developing companies of all sizes for 20+ years.
We have worked in the local and small business sector for the last 15 years.
We have been working online for over 10 years.

It makes no difference what market you are in or how small your business is.
It makes no difference how limited your ad budget is. It makes no difference that you already have a web presence or not.
As long as YOU want to grow and develop YOUR business online, then...

* Fact: 97% of prospective purchasers go ONLINE to research products & services in their local area
* Fact: 51% of those consumers explicitly “research online so as to purchase offline"
QUESTION: Are you ready to get found by businesses searching for your products/services?
QUESTION: Do YOU want those leads, which you’ve been losing to your competitors, to come to you?
QUESTION: Do you want to dominate your local or national online market niche?

YOUR Business Gets More Business Using Our Business

How many NEW customers can your business handle Today? - This Week? - This Month? - This Year?
Let US help YOU to grow and develop.

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YOUR Business Gets More Business Using Our Business

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