The Headache Relief Center was developed because we see so many patient with headache disorders and the need to manage these headache are getting stronger.

Headaches are high among the causes of consulting medical physicians, as 1/3 of all neurological consults are for headaches.  Our board certified doctors  neurologist at The Headache Relief Center have extensive knowledge in treating and managing headaches.

The long term effects of coping with chronic headache disorders may predispose an individual  to other illnesses. For example, depression is 3 times more common in people with migraines or serve headaches than in healthy people.

Headache disorders impose a recognizable burden on suffers including substantial personal suffering, impaired quality of life and financial burdens.  The estimates of financial burden to society for management of headaches-principally from lost work hours and reduced productivity are massive since 47% of the adult population suffers from headaches.

The doctors at The Headache Relief Center can customize treatment specific for your individual needs to end your suffering. Please call 314-842-116 to schedule your appointment today or visit our web-site www.interohealthcare.com.  Or schedule directly from schedulicity.com