Founded in 2008, ROICOM Consulting, LLC is a Sacramento based digital public relations firm that specializes in telling your story using traditional, web, social and print. We tell our clients story with carefully crafted a plan and strategy that uses a local feel, while creating a global appeal.

Creativity isn't the only ingredient needed to create wickedly awesome and innovative solutions.

Public Relations: Telling your story
In today's competitive marketplace everyone needs to build their own road to success. Here at Interstate PR we help you plan, design, lay the foundation, finalize your message, release it to the public and help you navigate around the potholes on your road to success!

Using imagination, creativity and strategy we help you create new ideas that hold audiences, delivers relevant messages and changes behaviors. Interstate PR helps you leap over challenges and barriers by applying strategic and creative outreach, marketing and branding. Interstate PR uses new school tools combined with old school personal attention to get the job done for you.

With over 74% of American's using social networking sites, social media has changed the way we live, work and play.

Creating a social media strategy and campaign has become an essential part of every organizations plan to increase brand awareness