Owning a holiday home is now becoming very popular as more and more people are investing in property rather than pensions. Property developers and estate agents sell the dream, lots of sun, low cost living and low crime rates. There maybe plenty of sun, it may be cheap to eat out but lets not forget there is still crime at the end of the day.

Investing in property is a wise thing to do, and protecting your property is equally as wise. By logging onto the Interwatch Security private network, using your username and password, you will be able to view live images from your property and view previous recordings. This is also a useful tool if you employ gardeners or cleaners and wish to check on them and make sure they are doing as they say they are!.

The benefits from Interwatch Security are endless:

1) You don't need any technical knowledge. We install the cameras, manage the network and administer the server.

2) Login to our server anytime of the day, with your username and password offering you live, unlimited and secure viewing.

3) Should motion be detected an email is sent so you can view your property. 'Gold' and 'Silver' customers also receive an SMS
text message.

4) View past recordings from your property as all images are stored on our server, and in digital.

5) If the camera detects a failure we are sent an alert so we can attend to the problem.

6) Ability to export all evidence onto your local hard drive.

7) Web based browser viewing allowing you to view your property from any computer.

8) View your property from your mobile phone using a GPRS/WIFI connection.
9) Telephone and email support available.

10) Account Management visits as customer satisfaction is important to us

11) Full camera support and management is available

For more information please visit www.interwatchsecurity.com