We are a results oriented agency committed to our clients. We provide many services vital to trial and litigation support: discovery and disclosures review; witness locates, backgrounds, and interviews; statement review and analysis; incident response and investigation; photography and videography; evidence collection and review; and much more.  We deal with people from all backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life – and in all types of circumstances.

Dean started the agency in 1987 and Karen joined in 1996. Expert Legal Investigations and Medicolegal Consultations are all we do – these are specialties we are dedicated to. We look forward to answering your questions and working with you to assist in resolving your case.  Take a moment to find out more about us and our services on this website.  You will find that we have unique experiences, training, and education.  We provide prompt and personal attention in all of our investigations, maintain communication, and provide accurate and timely factual reports.

We are centrally located approximately one hour north of Denver, CO and one hour south of Cheyenne, WY.  We are pleased to bring our expertise and passion to the Front Range investigative and legal communities.

Dean A. Beers, CLI, has been a professional investigator since starting his agency in 1987.  Services included general and personal factual investigations - locates, backgrounds, and assets / liabilities. In 2001 he added forensic and related factual investigative services.

In 2002 he began training with the Larimer County Medical Examiner's Office as a Reserve Investigator / Deputy Coroner, then part-time / as needed for the Larimer and Weld County Medical Examiner's Offices.

In 2005 he was offered full-time employment with the Larimer County Medical Examiner's Office and completed the Weld County Law Enforcement Training Academy, graduating with honors in academics, and becoming a certified Colorado Peace Officer, a requirement unique in Colorado to the Larimer County Medical Examiner's Office.  With a love for both medicolegal investigation and legal investigations, in 2008 Dean announced his return to the private sector, fulfilling the need for his heart and mind to work together.  In 2009 Dean was conferred the designation of Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) by the National Association of Legal Investigators.

His wife, Karen S. Beers, BSW, began assisting with administrative tasks in 1996 and investigations in 2001.  After graduating from Colorado State University in 2003 (Bachelor in Social Work - Magna Cum Laude) she also offered victim advocacy and counseling.  In December 2004 she was also accepted into the same Reserve Training Program and worked part-time at the Larimer County Medical Examiner's Office, as both an administrative assistant and a Deputy Coroner / Investigator until June 2006.

Dean's extensive experience in personal and factual investigations resulted in authoring a book, multiple white papers, seminars and video lectures.  This, as well as his experience as a law enforcement officer in medicolegal death investigation, are what gives him the ability to offer the unique Forensic Investigative Solutions required in today's legal environment.  Karen's experience in personal investigations, as well as social work and death investigation, also make her uniquely qualified to assist or lead the investigative process for your cases.

Their combined experience is truly unique and extensive.