Christian Prayer Warriors Divide Against Themselves About Fighting 9/11 Type Terrorism -- All Christians Invited to Decide Who is Right

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Sept. 15, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- As the leadership of the Philip Jegede Evangelistic Association's Invincible Angels Network tries to quietly implement its Terrorism Opinion #1001, 'Torpedoes Without Targets,' its prayer network members are divided against themselves. One group, Invincible Angels' Soldiers of Joshua, believes that Terrorism Opinion #1001, 'Torpedoes Without Targets' violates the first commandment of the laws of God, and the sponsoring group, Invincible Angels' Open Hearts, disagrees. All Christians are called to read Terrorism Opinion #1001, 'Torpedoes Without Targets' and give their own opinion as to which group is right and which group is wrong.

"While it may take new Christian ideas to protect humanity from evil and to secure the Western way of life from Islamic terrorists, I think Terrorism Opinion #1001, 'Torpedoes Without Targets,' is one to look at amid all failed solutions. The Opinion is an attempt to teach what Islamic clerics are not teaching members of the Muslim faith. Should we use the Bible to lecture Muslims even if we know they will violently resist it? Or should we refer them to verses of their Quran which condemn their terroristic acts?" asked Evangelist Jegede, Leader of the Invincible Angels Network.

Members of the Invincible Angels Network Soldiers of Joshua team are using the Scriptures as a reason for opposing Terrorism Opinion #1001, 'Torpedoes Without Targets.' However, members of the Invincible Angels Open Hearts team who are sponsoring the Opinion claim that not all Scriptures in the Bible are written for Christians to claim as their own or interpret in a manner that does not conform to Hermeneutics.

"The question is simple. Who is right? Who is wrong?" asked Jegede. Below is a link to Terrorism Opinion #1001, 'Torpedoes Without Targets,' as sponsored by the Invincible Angels' Open Heart team, including a statement of opposition by the Invincible Angels' Soldiers of Joshua team. Christians who are interested in helping the Invincible Angels resolve these bitter divisions are encouraged to decide this issue by registering their opinion. The Invincible Angels Network will abide by the opinion of the majority. Read Terrorism Opinion #1001, 'Torpedoes Without Targets,' including the opposing statement and vote your opinion at mpbs247.org/index.php?angelspublished