InvisiDerm is an emerging multinational leader in proprietary circulatory health and non-invasive applications focused on significantly improving blood flow in the body's microcirculatory system with cellular oxygenation and providing unparalleled health and cosmetic outcomes with zero reports of adverse side effects that are much simpler, faster, and much more affordable than any other conventional or alternative treatment on the market today. D`OXYVA is InvisiDerm's first clinically tested, trademarked and patent-pending transdermal delivery system, which is the latest in the field of microcirculation applications and is named after the two main mechanisms of action related to its solution; deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator. Vasodilation in the body triggered by D`OXYVA's highly concentrated CO2 water vapor solution sprayed on the skin is the key to the drastic and unmatched long-term blood flow increase.

D`OXYVA can be tested in minutes at the point of care by FDA-cleared non-invasive blood flow diagnostics and is being recognized by key opinion and medical thought leaders in the United States and other leading countries as an upcoming breakthrough painless medical technology that promises to change the dynamics of how health care is delivered at health care facilities and at home. In short, optimized and improved microcirculation is described in scientific research and by users to detoxify the body and regenerate fundamental physiological processes, improving sleep, stamina, skin health and beauty, and much more.

The benefits of D`OXYVA are numerous since microcirculation dysfunction is increasingly regarded by the scientific, medical, beauty, and alternative health community as the underlying cause of most chronic health complications. This advanced microvascular solution works by bolstering the body’s natural healing foundation: microcirculation. Restrictions in this form of circulation impede the flow of antibodies, white blood cells and platelets, and rob the body of oxygen. D`OXYVA is advantageous for the patient, health care practitioner, and the entire healthcare system, providing substantial cost savings and improvement in quality of life for a wide variety of health complications for people of all ages and backgrounds, both in combination with other therapies and as a standalone solution. InvisiDerm operates a state-of-the-art ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management System supply chain and is seeking medical device approvals via the U.S. FDA and in other countries for D`OXYVA.