IoT.nxt was founded by late in 2015 and established its head office in Pretoria, South Africa. The company has achieved phenomenal growth since that date in its customer base, financial results and employee numbers.

IoT.nxt is considered a leader in the South African IoT industry and has been listed in leading technology media as one of the top five companies in Africa to watch in 2018.

The IoT.nxt team is committed to demystifying the Internet of Things and have developed innovative solutions that offer customer opportunities to implement ground-breaking strategies to drive business value and grow return on investment.

IoT.nxt has entered the 4th industrial revolution with a different angle and this has differentiated the company from many other participants in the field of IoT technology. The company has taken a different view to that of many other companies and has developed various sets of innovative technology. IoT.nxt has taken a bottom-up approach as opposed to the bulk of other companies taking a down from the cloud approach. The company has now identified a convergence of the cloud and the edge, which is fundamentally changing what is taking place in the industry.
IoT.nxt opened an office in The Hague, The Netherlands in 2017 and launched operations in the USA late 2018, operating from Dallas, Texas.

•     IoT.nxt is helping businesses unlock tangible business value and return on investment through successful implementation of superior gateway technology, a robust software platform and data abstraction layers.

•     The company’s unique technology stack bridges the gap between all protocols in the industrial ecosystem, creating a single integration/translation point. Its patented RaptorTM gateway allows organisations to retrofit all existing legacy systems with no rip and replace. A powerful data abstraction model further translates anything and everything from the edge, supporting a true subscription based big data model. IoT.nxt actually delivers on what everyone else only talks about.