Green Energy Breakthrough: The Next Big Thing - Converting Air Ions into Electricity

The United States, Canada, China, Japan and Russia have awarded international patents to a research firm for a ground-breaking technology that generates clean, renewable electricity from ions found in air.

“This capability of harvesting useable clean electricity from air ions turns a new page in mankind's pursuit of clean energy" according to Intellectual Property Law Attorney Benjie A. Balser of Balser and Grell, IP Law firm.

Ion Power Group LLC, the developer of this unique technology, announces plans to build the world's first experimental ion power plant based on this internationally patented technology.

Monique L. McCowen, President of Ion Power Group, says her company's green energy technology is non-polluting, zero carbon emission, works day and night and is not dependent on strong winds or sunshine. Additionally, it is safe for humans and animals.

McCowen explains, "Many natural processes create electrically charged ions in the air. Cosmic rays from deep space penetrate the Earth's atmosphere colliding with oxygen and nitrogen air molecules, creating billions of electrically charged airborne ions all over the world – around the clock. Our patented technology utilizes specialized materials to harvest high voltage electricity from naturally occurring electrically charged ions in the air resulting in clean electricity day and night. Our technology should not be confused with energy scavenging devices that harvest man-made power from radio waves or AC power lines."

Nathan D. Lyons, Finance Adviser for Ion Power Group, states "After we raise enough capital to construct the world's first ion power plant, we intend to showcase the ion power plant to the world and provide technology licenses to peaceful governments and power production companies. These governments and global-corporations can use their extensive financial resources to construct large scale ion harvesting farms across the world to generate clean electricity and hydrogen gas for mankind.”

Attorney Balser states, “Patent applications are also pending in another 40+ countries worldwide. The potential benefit to the world is staggering.”

Ion Power Group's research is based in Florida, where R&D began over eight years ago. The company's website is IonPowerGroup.com. Asked why Ion Power Group is relatively unknown, McCowen says, "We intentionally maintained a low profile during the years of patent reviews. Now that the patents have been awarded, we are excited to introduce our remarkable technology that offers to improve humanity and preserve our world through the clean green production of electricity and hydrogen gas. Once capitalization is acquired, we'll move forward with the construction of the world's first pollution-free ion power plant. Ion power is a vital step toward changing the world for the better. Environmentalists are falling in love with this ultra-clean, earth-friendly power technology".

The company's crowd funding website is:  igg.me/at/IonPowerGroup