May this Tribunal prevent the crime of silence!

Reflecting upon a human tragedy which took place during the 1980s in Iran’s prisons, when over 20000 political prisoners, men and women, and numerous under aged detainees were sentenced to death by execution. The mass executions of political prisoners were carried out during this decade. The pinnacle of these crimes took place during the summer of 1988 when over 5000 political prisoners were executed in a short space of time throughout Iran’s prisons.

For the first time in the contemporary history of Iran, the families of the victims, along with the survivors of the mass executions have initiated an international Commission/ Tribunal in order to investigate the mass genocide of Iran’s political prisoners. “Iran Tribunal” is aiming to hold the Iranian Islamic Regime accountable for its crimes against humanity.

“Iran Tribunal” does not hold a “Legal” statute”, but acts as a court of the people, a Tribunal of conscience, faced with injustices and violations of international law. Regrettably, such abuse and breach of international laws are ignored by the existing international jurisdictions, or that is recognized, and due to the lack of political will of the international community, perpetrators are allowed to continue with complete impunity.

“Iran Tribunal” also aims to raise the awareness of the international community and the civil societies by exposing the horrific magnitude of this human tragedy.

“Iran Tribunal does not gain its legitimacy from a  government or any political party. The driving force behind “Iran Tribunal” is the will of ordinary people complemented and supported by the clear conscience of  eminent people and  various professionals who are committed to the fundamental rights of those who initiated this Tribunal.

This Tribunal should bring this human tragedy, which has been concealed and undisclosed for so long, onto the world stage.

With your solidarity and through unity, we would be able to succeed in mobilising the world opinion and support behind our humanitarian cause. The Iranian regime must be held accountable for its crimes against humanity.