An Irene's Education
Holistic health is a tradition in Irene's family. Building on knowledge passed down from her father and grandmother, Irene began to formally study massage in the 1950's. Utilizing a natural born gift and years of experience, she developed myomassology as a comprehensive healing art. Myomassology provides the practitioner with a variety of skills to tailor to each client, allowing maximum healing to occur.

Irene's instructors are talented, caring, and dedicated to providing students with a quality educational experience. They bring an abundance of knowledge and experience to our program.

What does a Myomassology education consist of?
Myomassology is the term used to describe massage which includes therapeutic modalities beyond Swedish massage. Myomassology is a holistic approach to health which is a balance of the body, mind, and spirit. An education from Irene's Michigan massage school includes a multitude of techniques and information.

Financial Aid
Our goal is to provide information and assistance to secure funding that you may be eligible to receive. This is a vital commitment on our part, and helps ensure that you achieve your educational goals.OurFinancial Aid department is dedicated to assisting you through the financial aid process. Irene's is also available to assist those eligible to receive veteran's educational benefits.

Lifetime Job Placement
Irene's provides lifetime job placement services for our alumni. Every year, our Career Services department hosts a Career Fair exclusively for Irene's graduates. To prepare students for their job search, we assist in resume building and teach them what to expect during the interview process. In their Professional Development classes, they learn key strategies on marketing themselves to gain new clients, and skills to maintain a strong client base.

Our Career Services department assists graduates in finding employment opportunities to match their professional goals. Our placement director maintains a list of job leads generated through relationships with existing employers as well as seeking out new career opportunities.

At Irene's we receive numerous requests for referrals from both individuals seeking massage, and businesses eager to hire our graduates. Our placement director skillfully matches our alumni with these job opportunities. We send resumes to potential employers that best match the graduates' interests to the employers needs. For those pursuing self-employment, individual client referrals are directed to them.

Flexible Schedules
In today's fast paced society, it can be challenging for the adult student to gain an education. Understanding this, Irene's provides flexible schedules allowing students to work full-time while in school. Day or evening classes are available. Irene's offers an accelerated program for those who are not currently working. Students enrolled in this program can begin their new careers in as little as six months.

At Irene's, we know choosing a new school can be a daunting task. We encourage you to make an informed choice before you begin your education in massage therapy. We have listed several important considerations in determining which school is right for you.

Credentials - National Accreditation, State Massage Board Approval, State Licensed, Professional Membership

National Accreditation guarantees that the school meets high standards established to assure a quality education. Irene’s Myomassology Institute has been accredited with ACCET since 2001.

​Irene’s is approved by the State Massage Therapy Board making graduates eligible to be licensed.

Licensed by the State of Michigan since 1987
Certified by International Myomassethics Federation
Institutional Member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Research Donator for the Massage Therapy Foundation
Founding Member of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education
School member of the American Massage Therapy Association

At Irene’s, a full 700 supervised hours (not homework) are provided with Faculty present.

Completion and Placement Statistics - It is important to inquire of a school’s completion and placement rates.  ​All accredited schools are required to track completion & placement rates to meet minimum standards.  

Irene’s program is based on her 60 years of experience. Each of our instructors have years of experience.

Licensing Eligibility – Does the school prepare students and pay for you to be state licensed? Before graduating all students take the licensing exam and complete their application at our expense.

Does the school have someone on staff to guide you through school  Irene’s has a full-time Student Advisor and a Student Liaison on staff to support them.

Location - Consider size, number of classrooms, student clinic, store, cleanliness, & professional environment.  Irene's facility is state of the art!