Vision Statement:

Respect Abilities  
re-spect [ri-spekt]: "Acknowledgment and appreciation of another's abilities"

Mission Statement:

IRIE-AT brings the best assistive technology training and products to people with vision disabilities in order to enhance daily lives and create vocational opportunities.

Company Story:

“IRIE”: To be at total peace with your current state of being.

Being and staying “IRIE” is the guiding principle for Irie-AT. We believe customer satisfaction and productivity can only be sustained in an environment where people come first. Collecting the best and happiest team, representing the best products and serving only satisfied customers are the main goals of Irie-AT.

Irie-AT was founded in 2011 by Jeff Gardner, former CEO of ViewPlus Technologies. Irie-AT’s team has decades of AT experience between them, working with manufacturers and distributors worldwide. The company is staffed with experts in AT sales, customer support, logistics and marketing, including in-house graphic design and branding professionals.